Clusit Report 2023 – Mid-Year Edition, October 2023

The Report begins with an overview of the most significant security incidents that occurred globally (including Italy) in the first half of 2023, comparing them with data collected in the previous 4 years.

The analysis of attacks in Italy is then completed by the findings and reports of the Postal and Communications Police, which provided us with extremely interesting data and information on activities and operations carried out during the first six months of this year.
This is followed by an in-depth look at the evolution of Cybersecurity in the manufacturing/industrial sector, with industry data taken from the latest surveys (as of June 30, 2023) by Clusit, but not only.

The results of a survey on Cybersecurity in small and medium-sized enterprises, carried out in collaboration with Reti SpA in Lombardy with focus in the provinces of Varese and Como, are reported below.

Download the Clusit report.