Best practices for small and micro enterprises

For small and micro-enterprises, information assets are often one of the company’s main assets. It is therefore essential to know how to protect and enhance it at the same time. Protecting information assets involves two main activities.

The adoption of security measures: in order to choose and implement the most appropriate security measures, it is necessary to discuss with experts in the field in order to identify which measures are actually necessary and to what extent.

The continuous and constant monitoring of security and the measures taken is also of decisive importance. Indeed, the changing regulatory and technological environment requires that the safeguards implemented keep pace with existing obligations and threats.

To this end, periodic penetration tests and vulnerability assessments can be carried out, aimed at assessing the degree of security of the measures implemented and identifying any gaps that may exist. Furthermore, the contractual models used must be constantly updated. Audits, both internal and external, are also extremely useful (also in order to obtain the various security certifications)

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